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Experiencing Slow Internet Connection

Homay! What’s wrong with my internet connection today.Is that because of Typhoon Mina? Gosh! I need to have internet with a fast connection. I’m in condition to write blogs right now. I have so many things to blog and I have work tonight. But what happened? Tell me Wi-Tribe..Haist..

Shopping with Ayala Malls eGC

Today is the 30th of the month. The day we’re all waiting for. What‘s with the 30th? Helooo.. It’s pay day. Hmmmm..so meaning it’s shopping galore time. So sad to say I’m no longer experiencing this joy for this day. There’s no such 15th and 30th of the month for me who’s working at home.

Home Based Job: Are you working at home?

I usually sleep when the rise is up due to my work at night. I’m not a colboy rather call center boy lol, I’m just working at home..so meaning.. it is a home based job (paulit-ulit ba?). I don’t know why I’m stuck on this kind of job, perhaps I want to hold my time and the income is just the same when you are working in the office.

me @ home doing my home based job..super payat ko pa dito noong nagsimula ako sa job na ito lol

Since my work is at home, I always feel so lazy most of the time. as in laging tulog or naka babad sa internet or tv. Maybe I’m thinking my mom, my sister and my brother are just there to help or give me what I want. They are so kind to me maybe because I don't forget them to give their allowance every pay-out. I always have suhol for them hahaha.

Working at home is a matter of choice. Personally, I love to work at the office. I have good friends to talk with if I get bored or asleep. I have time to eat and sleep during office hours. I have kind boss.   Everyone is really good to me.

Why I decided to work at home? wala lng lol

The reason I decided to work at home is because a friend gave me a job which I can do at home. That time, I’m still working in the company. The compensation was really good. I must say the income was higher compare the salary that I get from my company.and that's really a wohhhh! I can buy everything (not necessarily all) . I will get above-average income with an open time working hours. And that’s what I want. I must admit that I'm happy go lucky guy and I want to do everything. If I will work in the office again, maybe I can't do all the things what I'm doing right now. malamang mababawasan ang mga gala ko at paglalaro ng badminton hehe

At this point, I’m no longer working in the office as well to my friend’s company (who gave to me a home-based job). Now, I’m still working at home (syempre) but to a new employer. I’m not receiving the same compensation that I’m getting from my previous company but that's ok. ok pa rin namn ang bayad.( ok lng basta hawak ko ang oras ko at my panggala ako hehe)

Hopefully everything will be ok and looking forward for more great jobs. And pls. LAZINESS...stay away from me...yun lng talaga ang mahirap sa working at home. parang lagi mong gustong matulog..hehe

How about you? What can you say about working at home? Which do you prefer? work at home or at office?